The Problem: Costly and Inefficient MSDS Authoring Processes

The creation and distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets plays an essential role within any EH&S organization. No company can afford to waste time and productivity through outdated MSDS authoring methods -- or to risk costly errors and violations through the lack of centralized control and oversight. The challenge is to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in MSDS authoring and distribution while ensuring full compliance with corporate policies and governmental regulations.

The Solution: Talos
Developed in close consultation with EH&S industry leaders, Talos MSDS authoring and distribution system is the premier MSDS authoring and management solution. Talos was created specifically to address the real-world needs of MSDS professionals and their organizations by generating, storing, distributing, and tracking documents reliably and efficiently. Talos automates routine tasks, minimizes errors, and facilitates real-time collaboration, freeing professionals to focus on their environmental health and safety tasks -- not data entry. For managers, Talos provides a high level of centralized control, accountability, and security while streamlining the approvals process. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, Talos delivers dramatic savings in time and cost for any EH&S organization.

Since 1996, major international companies including Pfizer, Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dupont, and Novartis have used Redshift solutions to optimize their EH&S-related processes. Let Talos show you how much more efficient and cost-effective your MSDS authoring and distribution can be.

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